Why does ‘wrong’ colour shoe stop me do­ing PE?

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Shouldn’t phys­i­cal com­fort be nec­es­sary when it comes to sports? Ob­vi­ously, how­ever not as in­di­cated by my school. To­day in sports pe­riod I was re­buked and sent back up to the class, for wear­ing the ‘wrong shoes’. My school’s men­tal­ity strictly for­bids any other sports shoe with any colour other than white, with no coloured strips or laces. I find this rule ex­tremely un­nec­es­sary be­cause not only is it ab­surd but also hard to find shoes like that, which are my size and com­fort­able. So ba­si­cally if you do not wear white sports shoes you are not al­lowed to ex­er­cise or play sports. In ad­di­tion, my school al­ways presents these pro­grammes about how phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity is es­sen­tial, and yet we only get to ex­er­cise and play once a week for 35 min­utes, the only other ex­er­cise we do in these seven hours of learn­ing is climb­ing up the stairs in the morn­ing and down in the af­ter­noon. Also when you try to speak up about this you are ig­nored by the teach­ers. M UAE The bank rep had some ques­tions: to spell my com­pany name? My com­pany had noth­ing to do with the trans­fer. Then he asked me the birth­day of the ben­e­fi­ciary? I am pay­ing an in­voice, how am I sup­posed to know their birth­day? So he sug­gested I visit the branch again, which I did. I was as­sured it would be sorted and told I would re­ceive a call. It didn’t come, so I called again the helpline, go­ing through the ‘press 1, press 2, pin code, and…. .more per­sonal ques­tions’. Af­ter fi­nally get­ting through I was told the rep could not as­sist me as he could find no is­sue with the case, he could not con­tact the branch as he didn’t have the phone num­ber. Yes, a bank rep could not con­tact a branch of their own branch. Back to the branch, in between I al­ready got charged EU100 due to late pay­ment. Af­ter many more times go­ing back and for­ward and prom­ises of calls that never came, on Oc­to­ber 7 I was no­ti­fied by the ben­e­fi­ciary that the pay­ment had gone through. On top of that, do you be­lieve I was charged a ridicu­lous AED200 for these “ser­vices”. Name with­held Dubai The mu­nic­i­pal­ity is on the right track so lets hope that they stay on it. Rob UAE

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