No sup­port for let­ter writer who took her maid to po­lice af­ter she ate baby’s food

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“If you give the maid enough food, she wouldn’t have eaten your baby’s food. The prob­lem is that you treat maids like slaves. Don’t blame her if she was hun­gry.” KUZIE MUDEZERI

“Se­ri­ously? You went to the po­lice be­cause she ate some food? What do you do? Feed her lim­ited ra­tions of rice and call that gen­er­ous? She’s liv­ing in your house, if I had a live-in maid, I would tell her she is wel­come to eat as she pleases, to make her own food from the kitchen, she is a part of the fam­ily. Se­ri­ously you pay her what, 800dhs a month? Lock her in a closet and call it a maid’s room, feed her ra­tions, while you live a spoiled life in your villa and have the au­dac­ity to go to the po­lice for her eat­ing like Dhs20 of food! The po­lice have bet­ter things to do!” CHRIS REID

“So you miss treat the per­son who you’ve em­ployed to look af­ter your child by starv­ing her, you’re very lucky she only stole food she could quite eas­ily have mis­treated your child and stole a lot more than food. You’re an ab­so­lute dis­grace you treat peo­ple as you want to be treated with re­spect es­pe­cially as they’re look­ing af­ter your child!”


“Why did you waste the pre­cious time of the po­lice? That time spent on your silly dis­pute could have been spent to catch crim­i­nals or help some­one in gen­uine prob­lems. If you gave her three meals and a snack ev­ery day she wouldn’t be eat­ing baby food. Maids work from morn­ing to night. Add a baby to that mix and its a night­mare. Hire a nanny who will only look af­ter the baby. I know fam­i­lies who hire a sep­a­rate nanny and they swap chores with the maid reg­u­larly so that its not a bur­den on any one of them.”


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