The more skilled you are the big­ger your ben­e­fit

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In re­sponse to the let­ter ask­ing why is it just the big earn­ers who get all the ben­e­fits (Let­ters, Oc­to­ber 19), ben­e­fits are scaled based on salaries – the higher the salary the more money you are sup­posed to pro­duce for your com­pany the more ben­e­fits you get to make sure you stay with the com­pany. I’m not dis­put­ing if it is fair or not but just stat­ing facts. As for the ben­e­fit it­self – com­pa­nies are do­ing it to at­tract ex­pats and to re­main in the coun­try – back home not many of us would get the same type of ben­e­fits… if any at all. Ex­patDXB, Dubai When Barack Obama made his­tory in 2008 by be­com­ing the first African Amer­i­can pres­i­dent of the United States of Amer­ica I was cap­ti­vated by the race to the White House in the months, weeks and days lead­ing up to the elec­tion. It was the first time I had watched the US pres­i­den­tial elec­tion process up close and with Obama’s charm and fresh rhetoric it felt right as a “world cit­i­zen” to take an in­ter­est. I watched through the night as the polls closed on No­vem­ber 4, 2008 and I al­ways re­mem­ber think­ing to my­self that this would be one of the most his­toric mo­ments of my life­time. Change was com­ing and the world

seemed (sort of) like a de­cent enough place. Fast for­ward eight years and it feels that we have gone back to the dark days of racism, sex­ism and elitism. I am nei­ther Demo­crat or Repub­li­can – or Amer­i­can – so I have a neu­tral view­point. Speak­ing to an Amer­i­can rel­a­tive she asked what I thought about the two can­di­dates, Hil­lary Clin­ton and Don­ald Trump. I had to be hon­est, nei­ther de­serve to be the 45th Pres­i­dent of the United States of Amer­ica. The way these two have han­dled the process has been noth­ing short of scan­dalous. If there was a law for “bring­ing the demo­cratic process into dis­re­pute” then these two would be first in line for a spell be­hind bars. From Hil­lary’s email con­tro­versy to Trump’s sex­ist jibes and com­ments about vote rig­ging, not one day has passed without some new bad news story, And just think about this: one of these two will be “the most im­por­tant per­son in the world”. Pull the other one. Kim K or Kanye would act more pro­fes­sional. I know it’s not go­ing to hap­pen, but last week I saw an in­ter­net meme say­ing that a cer­tain “Larack Tobama” was go­ing to be a late run­ner for the In­de­pen­dent Party. Eight years ago we needed “change and hope”. In 2016 we still need hope, but please, please, please we don’t need any change. Larack, you get my vote on No­vem­ber 8.

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