Dear lit­ter slobs, do you drop stuff on floor at home?

7 Days in Dubai - - DEAR 7 DAYS -

Every day we will find rub­bish lay­ing out­side the parked ve­hi­cles in the park­ing of our build­ing. These slobs park their ve­hi­cle, open the door and just dump all their soda cans, wa­ter bot­tles, fast-food bags, used tis­sues and nap­kins on the garage floor! Of­ten there is a small pile of ash and cig­a­rette butts when they dump the ash tray out­side the car door. Our poor in-house clean­ing lads are sweep­ing up the rub­bish every sin­gle day – from the same er­rant ve­hi­cle drivers. I have re­ported this of­ten to the se­cu­rity desk and the land­lord but the mind­set seems to be that it’s the job of the clean­ing lads to clean up af­ter res­i­dents no mat­ter what kind and how much of a mess they make. The time spent sweep­ing up the garage mess every day is time lost where the clean­ing team could be sweep­ing cor­ri­dors where we live. We of­ten won­der if these slobs throw rub­bish on the floor at home and have a house­maid pick­ing up af­ter them. The old say­ing “…you can take the man out of the vil­lage but can­not take the vil­lage out of the man” cer­tainly ap­plies to this lot of slobs. Louie Dubai Emi­rates flyer, I have not no­ticed the price of re­turn ticket from Dubai to UK drop­ping at all, in fact from what I can see, and purely on my ex­pe­ri­ence they seem to have only risen. So now Emi­rates are pre­par­ing us for fur­ther in­creases be­cause the price of oil has risen by about 4 dol­lars a bar­rel. If a rise of 4 dol­lars a bar­rel can cause prices to rise so rapidly, where was the equal and op­po­site re­ac­tion when the price of oil dropped by 80 dol­lars?? Niall, Dubai

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