Ripped off and soon we’ll be pay­ing dou­ble VAT…

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Why are prod­ucts in Dubai not re­flect­ing ex­change rates. For ex­am­ple I pur­chased an af­ter­shave to­day and paid 470 AED for a 100ml bot­tle. That equates to ap­prox­i­mately £105. The ex­act item in the UK is be­ing sold for £68 (305 AED) and that in­cludes 20 per cent VAT. Why are we get­ting so ripped of by Dubai re­tail­ers for ev­ery­thing. Once the VAT comes into ef­fect here in the UAE we will then be pay­ing both UK VAT and UAE VAT on UK brands. Con­sid­er­ing UK brands that are ex­ported are not sub­jected to UK VAT how can re­tail­ers here get away with such rip-off prices? Rus­sell Dubai them. Get back to re­al­ity. If you did not get the job, be an­noyed with your friends (via phone or face-to-face, NOT spilling over so­cial me­dia), write it in your di­ary, search for an­ther one, de­velop skills... Do some­thing con­struc­tive not de­struc­tive. The rants are wors­en­ing your chances of be­ing em­ployed as now em­ploy­ers have de­cided they are kings and can­di­dates are des­per­a­dos. They need you. You have prob­a­bly ad­justed to not hav­ing a job, you can con­tinue to do that or look else­where for one. How much time does a ‘good’ com­pany wish to waste to have staff? There may be 200 ap­pli­cants for a job. That is also be­cause of so­cial me­dia that has meme’d peo­ple into aim­ing higher (i.e. most ap­pli­cants are not qual­i­fied for the role but are try­ing to go up). Ap­ply for roles you are suit­able for and you will get one – the jobs ARE there. Em­ployer It’s noth­ing vul­gar. It’s noth­ing shame­ful. It’s noth­ing dis­re­spect­ful. He has money he wants to spend. That’s all. Z UAE

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