Think about your health be­fore you in­dulge…

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Many of us in Dubai are able to af­ford an in­dul­gent life­style and therein lies the prob­lem. Some have enough money to stock their larders with rich food and drink, eat out ev­ery night and brunch ev­ery week­end. But just be­cause you can it doesn’t mean that you should. It’s un­healthy and is an even worse ex­am­ple if you have chil­dren. I am cer­tainly not telling you how to live, I’m merely ad­vis­ing a note of cau­tion. It’s all about bal­ance. An in­dul­gent ex­is­tence will cost you more than just money if you don’t counter it with ex­er­cise and it’s not just you who will suf­fer. If you sur­vive a stroke, it will be your loved ones you’re con­demn­ing to feed, wash and nurse you for the next 30 years. Or maybe when you’re no longer ca­pa­ble of work­ing, there will be enough money left for a pri­vate nurse or a good home, if you haven’t blown all of your cash that is. Eat well, play hard, laugh of­ten and live long. Apostrophiser Dubai marathon there also makes me sad as I am sure of miss­ing seats and a few packed trains. I loved us­ing the metro. The RTA has done its best to ease traf­fic and time. It would be kind if there could be more fre­quent trains dur­ing rush hours. Greeshma Teresa James Dubai

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