Busi­ness­man will take wrong­ful ar­rest case to fed­eral court in the US

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“While he should def­i­nitely be com­pen­sated, $450 mil­lion is over the top. There have been count­less African-Amer­i­cans who have been falsely IM­PRIS­ONED who hardly re­ceived a dime.” SHONDALE JACK­SON PAGANO GALINDO

“By see­ing his dress and 2 mo­biles the re­cep­tion­ist got doubt on him? Where is the com­mon sense of peo­ple? Very cheap mind to judge peo­ple on their dis­guise. Need to im­prove their knowl­edge ” JANE S NU­RUL

“Well what hap­pened was wrong .... but $450 mil­lion – If he wins I would ex­pect him to give that all to char­ity.”


“Good, why should they fear if some­body is wear­ing a Mid­dle Eastern dress? Why? If you go to Mid­dle East and you are wear­ing western dress do they fear be­cause you are wear­ing amer­i­can style dress? No.....”


“I’m con­fused, was he there for a heart op­er­a­tion or a USD$1bn busi­ness deal?”


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