‘On Yer bike’ - re­ac­tion to let­ter writer telling cy­clists to stay off the roads

7 Days in Dubai - - PEOPLE -

“Cy­clists are, un­der UAE law, valid road users sim­i­lar to cars, trucks, buses etc – they are per­mit­ted to use Dubai’s road in­fra­struc­ture with the same rights as you and I. If the at­ti­tude and cul­ture of driv­ers here does not ac­com­mo­date that then it needs to change and not the cy­clists. If we are ever to evolve from our cur­rent 3rd world driv­ing at­ti­tudes then we all need to start now to build a civil rule abid­ing so­ci­ety where we are all equal, not just those with the right pass­port.”


“While we are at it can we ban de­liv­ery mo­tor­cy­clists, mi­crobuses, school buses and con­struc­tion ve­hi­cles – no­body but SUV’s should be al­lowed on Dubai’s race­track...”


“Dear Mr. H, Safety in num­bers when rid­ing on the road is the key, and to take up an en­tire lane is the safest op­tion as cy­clist are legally en­ti­tled to ride on the road. You sir, are also en­ti­tled to drive your car in one lane (at a time) – un­less of course you feel the need to use all 3 at one time. Ed­u­ca­tion is the key for change and also it would help if driv­ers in Dubai ac­tu­ally fol­lowed the law, did not use phones whilst driv­ing, in­di­cated lane changes, stayed within speed limit and most of all drop the at­ti­tude that they are the most im­por­tant users of the road – you are driv­ing a 2,000kg piece of metal that can kill peo­ple – re­mem­ber that and show some cour­tesy for other road users just like cy­clists.”


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