Why pay more when some­one can do the job

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In re­sponse to the let­ter ‘There are po­si­tions, but em­ploy­ers al­ways go cheap’ (Letters, Oct 30), put your­self in the po­si­tion of a small busi­ness owner hir­ing a cler­i­cal worker or waiter. Why would you pay 3 or 4 times the salary for a more ex­pen­sive worker when a cheaper worker can do the work rea­son­ably well? And on top of that cheaper work­ers are, in gen­eral, will­ing to work long hours with­out much fuss and do not take days off that fre­quently. If you are an em­ployee, try to gain more skills and re­train so that you can com­mand a premium for your skills, oth­er­wise, it al­ways makes more sense to hire the cheap­est pos­si­ble worker. Rob UAE

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