If you are not be­ing paid then don’t go into work

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It amazes me that cer­tain busi­nesses in UAE such as busy restau­rants and hy­per­mar­kets who sell ‘CASH’ on daily ba­sis, get 60 to 90 day credit fa­cil­ity from food sup­pli­ers, yet they fail to pay salaries on time, de­fer pay­ments and call it financial is­sues! (Boss has financial is­sues, I need pay – what to do?’ Let­ters, Oct 31). My ad­vice to the writer is file a com­plaint to MoL or stop go­ing to work and in­form your man­ager that you are not sup­posed to work for free. As a hyper­mar­ket em­ployee, feel free to take food to your house as an ex­change to your work­ing hours. Nawaf Abu Ghaz­a­leh, Abu Dhabi

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