Let­ter writer: ‘Why can’t we have road signs in Rus­sian, French and other lan­guages?’

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“By the time you find your lan­guage on the sign board you will hit the block. A ques­tion for you, do they do that in your coun­try too?” MARYAM ZANDI

“English is the sec­ond lan­guage widely used in UAE, there­fore, peo­ple or ex­pats should adopt and learn at least ba­sic English for them to read road signs.”


“I think it’s Urdu/Hindi is the sec­ond lan­guage!”


“If you can’t speak English (other than Ara­bic of course) then you sim­ply shouldn’t be here... not to be rude or any­thing but you will suffer! So ei­ther learn the lan­guage or go to a place where they speak your lan­guage na­tion­wide.”


“What other coun­try does this?? As long as you know English, which I sup­pose you do since you wrote this and ev­ery­one who works here from for­eign coun­tries must be pro­fi­cient in the English lan­guage, why would they put other lan­guages. It’s con­fus­ing and has never been done be­fore for a rea­son.”


“That would be prac­ti­cal……..no re­ally it would…….mas­sive signs with ev­ery lan­guage……..to­tally ge­nius……can’t think why it’s not been done be­fore….”


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