It’s World Sand­wich Day – use your loaf

Stack up to World Sand­wich Day

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It’s Na­tional Sand­wich Day to­day - yes, there is a day for that - so we sought out some tips from the city’s sand­wich ex­perts. Here’s how you can best com­pile your fill­ing of fancy be­tween two slices of bread.

First things first - the bread. Opt for fresh bread, and the sog­gier the fill­ings, the more dense the bread should be. This will help with the struc­tural integrity of your sand­wich.

Roshan Samb­h­wani from Which Wich sand­wich com­pany says keep­ing the in­gre­di­ents bal­anced is im­por­tant: “Keep your fill­ings to six as a max­i­mum - you won’t be able to en­joy the flavours if you opt for more than that. Also, don’t mix two salty items such as pesto and feta, as both have a high salt con­tent. Add one to give your sand­wich a twist. Two would be too much.”

Betin Bistro chef Bruno says to make sure your sand­wich is bal­anced, from top to bot­tom in tem­per­a­ture. How will you stack it? He ex­plains: “It’s all about fresh­ness and the lay­er­ing. You’ll find the cheese be­neath the meat and the gar­nishes above it on most of our sand­wiches be­cause you don’t want to bite into one that burns the top of your mouth and feels cold on the bot­tom.”

When choos­ing your sauce or spread, whether on a sand­wich at home, or or­der­ing at a shop, Roshan says it may seem ob­vi­ous, but don’t add more than two - for flavour and com­po­sure rea­sons. “For any sand­wich I would strongly rec­om­mend not to add more than two sauces, to en­joy both flavours, oth­er­wise you might end up mak­ing it soggy, and the sauces will over­power each other.”

Chef Bruno says while many peo­ple en­joy the tang of onion on their bread, it’s wise to off­set the in­ten­sity of the flavour. “Onions can give sand­wiches a wel­come bite but of­ten must be tamed a bit to be en­joyed raw. There are ef­fec­tive ways to take some of the edge off sliced onions. Soak thinly sliced onions in ice wa­ter for 20 min­utes or so. Then drain and blot dry.”

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