‘Why don’t taxi driv­ers in Dubai know where they are go­ing?’

7 Days in Dubai - - COMUNNITY -

“Ruar­idh – not sure if you no­ticed but you are in Dubai, not in Lon­don any more. In Lon­don taxi driv­ers pass knowl­edge ex­ams both the­o­ret­i­cal and prac­ti­cal and they se­ri­ously know their way around town be­fore even ap­ply­ing for a taxi li­cence. Here we look at barely ex­is­tent salar­ies, liv­ing in squalor, barely reg­u­lated work­ing hours, un­der paid and un­trained peo­ple. Lower your ex­pec­ta­tions – there is a rea­son why taxis are not ex­pen­sive here… or as you pointed out – use Uber.”


“Writer ends the let­ter with a state­ment ‘I’m us­ing UBER next time.’ Come on Uber also have to reg­is­ter with RTA to run the ser­vice. Ei­ther way RTA is not loos­ing the profit.”


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