A top city like Dubai must in­vest in the best staff

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Re­gard­ing hir­ing qual­ity staff, cus­tomer ser­vice is one of the many ar­eas where cheap wages only ends with cheap ser­vice. There have been cases where doc­tors have been em­ployed from some coun­tries be­cause they are cheaper than doc­tors from other ar­eas. The re­sult has been cheaper and un­skilled doc­tors mak­ing mis­takes. This goes across the board with plumbers, elec­tri­cians, taxi driv­ers, and the list is end­less. Dubai prides it­self on be­ing the best of the best when it comes to build­ing the largest, the high­est, the fastest and the most up to date but then of­ten drops the ball when it comes to staffing. If you are go­ing to aim to be num­ber one then you must start with the foun­da­tion Dear ego­is­tic and dis­re­spect­ful Thurs­day evening desert users. On be­half of my en­tire fam­ily we would like to thank you very much for the amount of garbage you have left be­hind, pro­vid­ing us such a won­der­ful “ex­pe­ri­ence en­hance­ment”. Have you never been told in your ed­u­ca­tion that other peo­ple and na­ture have to be re­spected? Have you been al­ready so cor­rupted by Dubai life­style and got used that “some­one” will clean up be­hind you no mat­ter what? I won­der why Dubai doesn’t care more about its own nat­u­ral her­itage and en­force real fines and sur­veil­lance to avoid trash­ing the na­ture. By the way, this post can also be ex­tended to moun­tains (I had a won­der­ful trash day ex­pe­ri­ence at Jebel Jais dur­ing the sum­mer, thank you again!) and beaches which are won­der­fully trashed by many users. Ashamed Dubai res­i­dent Dubai

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