Hun­dreds of work­ers still be­ing made to cover the cost of their visas

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“Just an­other ex­am­ple of the dou­ble stan­dards ap­plied across the UAE. The com­pa­nies prey on the des­per­a­tion, those who need the money and go into debt to get a job in the first place. As a Bri­tish Ex­pat my com­pany would not dare try any­thing like these are do­ing to me. But for the other staff I was clearly told we have our own rules and ap­ply then or the law which­ever is bet­ter for us..” DAVID FORSTER

“As oth­ers have stated this is a very com­mon prac­tice. It has noth­ing to do with agents or spe­cific to Pak­istan. Many com­pa­nies in the UAE make their em­ploy­ees pay for their own visas and of course for their fam­i­lies as well. Also the new em­ploy­ees are charged the air­fare for any re­lated visa run. Peo­ple are des­per­ate for jobs so the com­pa­nies know they will not be re­ported.”


“Guys if you ac­cept it in the first place then you have no rights to com­plain. You can't take the job know­ing what you're do­ing and then ex­pect the govern­ment to in­ter­vene in ev­ery­thing. The more peo­ple ac­cept these kinds of terms the more em­ploy­ers will ex­ploit it.”


“Com­pa­nies in Dubai tak­ing ad­van­tage of work­ers .... surely not?!” IGGY

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