Too much of some­thing isn’t re­ally a good thing

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I’m no ex­pert in Eco­nom­ics but I think there’s a real prob­lem loom­ing with the ex­ces­sive amount of build­ing in Dubai, the limited num­ber of jobs and the over­stretched in­fra­struc­ture. There are hun­dreds, if not thou­sands, of new prop­er­ties spring­ing up all over the emirate, even though there are al­ready count­less flats, vil­las and town­houses within ex­ist­ing com­mu­ni­ties that lay empty. The prop­erty mar­ket is al­ready flooded yet new build­ing con­tin­ues apace. Add to this the fact that ev­ery new po­si­tion ad­ver­tised at­tracts dozens, some­times hun­dreds, of job ap­pli­cants, in­di­cat­ing that there are too many peo­ple and just not enough jobs. How are the peo­ple that fill all these new prop­er­ties go­ing to find em­ploy­ment and how will they get to and from work? The roads are al­ready over­crowded and adding a few more thou­sand cars to the streets of Dubai can only re­sult in to­tal grid­lock. Too many houses, too many peo­ple, too many cars, not enough jobs and an in­ad­e­quate road sys­tem. Surely some­thing has got to give! Apostrophiser Dubai

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