‘Flesh isn’t un­sightly and fresh sweat doesn’t smell’

7 Days in Dubai - - BEAUTY -

To the writer of the let­ter ‘Restau­rants aren’t the place for sweaty gym kit’ (Novem­ber 8) wow, just wow. How can you call flesh un­sightly? As­sum­ing you are re­fer­ring to the skin and var­i­ous der­mal lay­ers, I would be more prone to call­ing it the most won­der­ful thing ever. It has evolved over mil­lions of year to pro­vide you with a pro­tec­tive coat that keeps you warm, keeps you cool, keeps in­vad­ing mi­cro-or­gan­isms out etc and all you can say is that it is un­sightly? Wow. And BTW, fresh sweat is su­per clean. It’s only when those mi­cro–or­gan­isms start feed­ing on it that it gets a bit whiffy. And that takes a while. Larry UAE

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