Schools in Dubai will be fined for serv­ing junk food - read­ers re­act

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“Schools should be serv­ing healthy foods, sal­ads, fresh juice, veg­eta­bles, meats, and fruits why should it be an op­tion to sell junk foods like candies, soft drinks, chips, ice creams?”


“If you of­fer the healthy and the junk at the same time of course they will choose the junk, but if they serve only healthy op­tions they can go few days hun­gry and af­ter that kids will be ob­li­gated to eat from the healthy food.. So they earn good habits from such a young age. Junk food is only empty calo­ries not nu­tri­tional, that’s why the obe­sity in chil­dren in­creases each year.”


“You are a par­ent? Then ask your­self why kids like junk food when you take your 4 years old next time for a birth­day party!? Many par­ents are happy with happy meal. To give birth is one thing. To teach and help is an­other! If you can’t tell your chil­dren why they call it junk food, if you go first to the fast food restau­rant and show what you eat, if you have no idea about cook­ing, that’s an­other prob­lem.”


“Kids are picky. So if you cut junk foods from the school menu, the kids will go hun­gry un­til they get home. Also, kids have al­ler­gies to cer­tain foods. Keep that in mind.”


“Hope they will do it in whole schools of Abu Dhabi too.” MARYOOMA AD

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