Why do I have to pay for the air con in other peo­ple’s apart­ments?

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“As some­one who sits on a cou­ple of OA boards, let me ex­plain the charges: Con­sump­tion charge: amount of chilled water con­sumed in your apart­ment as de­ter­mined by the BTU me­ter De­mand charge: quar­terly charge from the dis­trict cool­ing provider, which rep­re­sents their fee to sup­ply your build­ing with chilled water Fuel sur­charge: cal­cu­lated based on the con­sump­tion of chilled water, sim­i­lar to what you have on your DEWA state­ment Me­ter main­te­nance charge: cost to main­tain the BTU me­ter, take read­ings and is­sue bills.”


“Dubai is a cap­tive mar­ket run by mo­nop­o­lies. There is no com­pe­ti­tion and you can’t switch sup­plier of cool­ing or elec­tric­ity like in many other coun­tries. No com­pe­ti­tion means they can charge what­ever they want with­out fear of some­one un­der­cut­ting them. You’ve just got to suck it up and carry on pay­ing if you want to live here. Or move home, we all have that choice.”


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