Dress­ing down for let­ter about women in ‘provoca­tive cloth­ing’

7 Days in Dubai - - CULTURE -

“How about you NOT tell women what to do with their own bod­ies and dress and teach men how to re­spect and be­have around them?” @DRAGONCHANTS

“‘I don’t see men go around wear­ing tight pants to ex­hibit their crotches’. Clearly Robert hasn’t been to Barasti on Thurs­day evening.” JAMES DE VILE

“Take it easy man! There is re­ally noth­ing wrong with girls look­ing hot and beau­ti­ful.”


“Women and men should be able to dress as they like. We are born naked. Naked is nat­u­ral. Sure peo­ple cover their pri­vates in pub­lic, but if you have a prob­lem with see­ing nat­u­ral skin the prob­lem is with you and not the peo­ple you are look­ing at.”


“Or maybe it’s none of your busi­ness? I don’t dress ‘provoca­tively’ but I don’t care that other women do. Not my body, none of my busi­ness.”


“Re­spect is not about what clothes to wear it’s an at­ti­tude on how you look at oth­ers.”


“Why do you feel it nec­es­sary to dic­tate what women wear? Why is it any­thing to do with you how th­ese peo­ple dress? This is the prob­lem with much of the world to­day, peo­ple tak­ing it upon them­selves to be­come lord and mas­ter over oth­ers’ free will.”


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