As women, surely it’s bet­ter not to be ogled at

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I agree with Robert com­pletely on this sub­ject (‘A plea to women in provoca­tive cloth­ing to show some self-re­spect’, 7DAYS Let­ters, Nov 14). Me be­ing a woman is of the firm opin­ion that women no mat­ter which cul­ture they come from should dress de­cently. A woman’s body is such that it is at­trac­tive to the man, this is na­ture’s or God’s way, de­pend­ing on what your be­liefs are. We are hu­man be­ings and there is enough of lust­ful de­sires in ev­ery hu­man be­ing. I am not say­ing less clothes means it is risky for women but there is enough at­ten­tion al­ready that a woman gets. Why should we as women in­vite more at­ten­tion? Does it not feel great for a woman if she can walk with­out any ogling? We can never avoid that even if we are de­cently dressed but should we in­vite more and more of th­ese funny eyes look­ing at our as­sets just droop­ing out and show­ing off. A woman UAE

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