If you got a traf­fic fine then you did some­thing

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In re­sponse to read­ers claim­ing that they were fined by Dubai po­lice on the road when they did noth­ing wrong I can only ask, are you se­ri­ous? Re­ally, have you seen the state of driv­ing on the roads, ev­ery­one weav­ing in and out of lanes with no in­di­ca­tors, cut­ting peo­ple up and forc­ing oth­ers to brake or swerve. It’s wor­ry­ing that peo­ple have be­come so numb to their own bad driv­ing that they ac­tu­ally don’t even re­alise they are do­ing some­thing wrong. If you were booked then you did some­thing wrong, most likely put­ting the safety of oth­ers at risk. If you don’t want to be fined then driver prop­erly. Den Dubai sup­posed to keep your car cen­tered in this space). As soon as I drove off on green, you came from be­hind and over took me from the left tak­ing a short­cut; the re­sult? Both of us came to a very close en­counter on the left lane once the curve sec­tion fin­ishes off. Be­ing a tourist in this coun­try, doesn’t give you the right to come and drive the way you do it in your coun­try (I lived there for a year so I know what I am talk­ing about). Traf­fic au­thor­i­ties spend mil­lions of dol­lars in white and yel­low paint ev­ery year for a rea­son: to make the roads safer and guide you to your des­ti­na­tion like civ­i­lized hu­man be­ings! JLO Dubai

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