No one has a right to pass judge­ment on our choices

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Hey ‘A Woman’ (‘As women, surely it’s bet­ter not to be ogled at’, Let­ters Nov 15), let’s start with a hug. Now, lets get hon­est. You don’t rep­re­sent me, a woman in any­way with what you’ve stated. In sum­mary, we in­vite trou­ble by dress­ing provoca­tively or even other­wise??! So, ei­ther way, we are to blame? Sweet­heart, who is feed­ing you this non­sense? Why are you play­ing the vic­tim? You rightly say peo­ple ogle even if we are cov­ered head to toe and yet you are is­su­ing ad­vice to those who dress the way they feel? Your body is yours. No one else has the right to ob­jec­tify you. You dress how you feel, while re­spect­ing the rules of this coun­try. No one, I re­peat, NO ONE has the right to pass judg­ment on you for your choices and its not your fault for some id­iots pass­ing com­ments. M UAE

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