What hap­pens if some one makes up a false al­le­ga­tion of ha­rass­ment?

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So what I want to know is, what if you and that fe­male had a mis­un­der­stand­ing maybe at work or col­lege and she took the ad­van­tage to go and re­port you for ha­rass­ment. How will the po­lice know if she’s telling the truth or is it be­cause its a fe­male who re­ports it she must be right. Did­dice Dubai A re­cent let­ter - ‘A plea to women in provoca­tive cloth­ing to show some sel­f­re­spect’ - not only got some of our fe­male read­ers ag­i­tated but also got me think­ing as to why men al­ways point fin­gers at what women wear. Why is it so dif­fi­cult to un­der­stand that women like to dress ac­cord­ing to their com­fort level and not only for oth­ers, but for them­selves? Why is there a dress code only for women? There’s talk about pro­vok­ing men – well, in sim­ple terms, if you don’t like it, don’t look. And if you as a man get pro­voked by how a woman is dressed then be ready to face a woman’s wrath. More im­por­tantly, even if we are con­ser­va­tively dressed, there are men who will stare and get pro­voked. Don’t judge a woman by the way she dresses. With that in mind, I thought I’d pro­vide a list of what to and what not to wear for men: - Shave your legs when you wear shorts - Don’t wear sin­glets - Don’t go out in your flip-flops - Don’t show your cleav­age - Don’t wear tight T-shirts if you are over­weight and don’t have six-pack abs. Women have enough self-re­spect and de­cency to know what looks good on them and what doesn’t. Which woman doesn’t want to look good? Each and ev­ery per­son has a style of their own, there’s no need for moral polic­ing based on clothes. It’s a free world and ev­ery per­son has a right to live and lead their own lives. If men are so eas­ily pro­voked by how women dress, then how about you men tak­ing and giv­ing some lessons to your own kind on how to con­trol your emo­tions. Men def­i­nitely need to learn to re­spect women, their choices and free­dom. Men need to stop ogling, fol­low­ing, stalk­ing, hu­mil­i­at­ing, mo­lest­ing and abus­ing women. So stop look­ing at who is dressed how, up your own style stakes and calm your provo­ca­tion down.

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