If women don’t dress right, author­i­ties will make us

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I am writ­ing in re­sponse to the let­ter by Robert in 7DAYS on Novem­ber 14. As a women my­self who tries to abide by the laws and cus­toms of the coun­try that we are al­lowed to live, work and con­trib­ute to, I agree that many women here should dress more re­spect­fully. I con­stantly see women walk­ing around in al­most nonex­is­tent shorts and skirts at any times of the day, openly flout­ing the modesty rules and cus­toms of this coun­try. What­ever rea­son these women have for wear­ing so lit­tle clothes – at­ten­tion, at­tract­ing men, over self-con­fi­dence etc; in a Mus­lim coun­try, I can only guess that many Mus­lims (and non-Mus­lims) must be shocked at this. It is true that there are times where women are ha­rassed for un­fair rea­sons, but these women who dress so provoca­tively are only fu­elling this and adding to the im­pres­sion that women are only here as ob­jects for men, de­mean­ing them­selves, other women and their na­tions at the same time. I would call for these women to dress more re­spect­fully be­fore gov­ern­ment author­i­ties de­cide to toughen the laws for all con­cerned. Gemma UAE so amaz­ing? Are you ca­pa­ble of writ­ing a neg­a­tive re­view or is it just about free food and a few hash­tags? I have been to a few of the restau­rants you have posted about and sorry to say but my ex­pe­ri­ences were quite a lot dif­fer­ent than what you de­scribed. Although not from the same field, my im­pres­sion was that food blog­gers visit dif­fer­ent restau­rants on their own ac­cord, pay for their meal and write a re­view. But af­ter speak­ing to a few of my friends that have set up restau­rants here, I was made to un­der­stand that these blog­gers have to be in­vited for a free meal in the name of ‘mar­ket­ing’. I still won­der though, you put the right hash­tags, take a few good pic­tures, get hun­dreds, if not thou­sands of peo­ple to fol­low you, and you write made up re­views for free food? Or have I got it all wrong? My next let­ter will be about the lovely car re­views. Pat UAE stu­dents are not valu­able, or not de­serv­ing? The stu­dents that are not cho­sen feel ig­nored, un­wanted and stu­dents often go un­der de­pres­sion and lose in­ter­est. As taught by our teach­ers we all are alike but we are not “treated” the same way as the oth­ers. This can cre­ate hate between the class­mates as well as the teacher. Ari­faraz UAE

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