‘We are not an­i­mals so we can’t do or dress as we please’

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“@Ge­orge and for all of the rest of you bang­ing on about this sub­ject, if the Po­lice see some­one dress­ing in a fash­ion in which they deem to be un­suit­able then let them move in and take ac­tion. If the Dubai author­i­ties want to pass a new and stricter law then it is their supreme right to do so, BUT un­til then stop act­ing for every­one else by en­forc­ing on us your ex­plicit opin­ions ref this mat­ter. I don’t want to read about mother bears, an­i­mals etc etc, the re­al­ity is peo­ple, mainly tourists cre­ate a large amount of spend which goes sig­nif­i­cantly to­wards Dubai’s GDP, yes some of them need to be ed­u­cated but Dubai wants and needs their spend so there has to be a com­pro­mise. As for res­i­dents we know the score, we know the con­se­quences and for those that don’t they will at some point feel the arm of the law, you will! . Un­til then and with the great­est re­spect, give it a rest will you.”


“Ok, I am head­ing straight home now to don my sack cloth and smear my of­fen­sive hide with ashes – fol­low­ing this I will sit still in a dark­ened un­fur­nished room and con­tem­plate my wrong­do­ings. It’s very use­ful to muse such Or­wellian dic­tates from such a lib­eral read­er­ship.”


“‘Only an­i­mals have the ab­so­lute right to nu­dity and free­dom’. My friend, no one on 7DAYS claimed the right to be naked in this coun­try. You have gone waaaay off topic. Se­cond of all, no one is en­ti­tled to do ex­actly as they please? I’m not say­ing who is right or wrong in this de­bate, but who are you to tell peo­ple what they are or aren’t en­ti­tled to? You did make some good points, how­ever.”


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