Male driv­ers are the real dan­ger on our roads…

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This is in re­ply to Apostrophiser (‘Women driv­ers are twice as likely to cause an ac­ci­dent’ – Letters, Nov 21). Dear boy, which I as­sume you are hav­ing given women driv­ers the blame. I think you might find women driv­ers were in­volved in more ac­ci­dents which were caused by ag­gres­sive male driv­ers .... quite a dif­fer­ent sce­nario. Your at­ti­tude is quite dra­co­nian! I’ve been driv­ing here nine years and the ag­gres­sive­ness of male driv­ers around me is quite stag­ger­ing. It’s like nowhere else in the world. Con­stant tail­gat­ing, cut­ting in and out of lanes, never in­di­cat­ing ...... need I go on? In my home coun­try these are pun­ish­able of­fences on the roads. Man up and ad­mit the truth… ask the in­sur­ance com­pa­nies and I think you might be dis­ap­pointed in your fel­low men. Woman driver D Dubai math­e­mat­ics trips, as that is one of my main in­ter­ests, while other stu­dents have had sports trips, his­tory trips and English trips, all se­lected due to their in­ter­ests. So whether you are a stu­dent or a par­ent, maybe look into the trips in more de­tail. What are your in­ter­ests? What kind of trip would you like to go on? Aca­demic? Lin­gual? Sport­ing? If your school has no trips for you, take it to your stu­dent coun­cil or head­mas­ter. Make your own sug­ges­tion. What­ever you do, have a good trip! Wilson MH Abu Dhabi new­bie look­ing to make his for­tune. As the bro­kers them­selves can­not be trusted to be­have, surely the time has come for RERA to set up a self-ser­vice data­base where any­one can put their own email ad­dress on a cen­tral ‘do not con­tact’ list that li­censed bro­kers can ac­cess to check be­fore send­ing out emails, with fines handed out to those who fail to com­ply. Rodger Clarke Guernsey

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