Pun­ished due to my age, is there any way out?

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I am 65 years old, liv­ing in the UAE for 23 glo­ri­ous years. How­ever, as I have aged over the years and reached the grand old age of 65, I am dev­as­tated. I have a loan and some credit card out­stand­ing, but no Catch­ing the metro, you be­come privy to a dif­fer­ent species of hu­man. The dog-eat-dog men­tal­ity is rife when it comes to the daily com­mute: peo­ple push­ing each other with the aim of grab­bing a seat, cut­ting each other off to get through the queue first, peo­ple stand­ing right in front of another per­son just to get on the train first. But the other day I wit­nessed the one move that takes the cake. I was wit­ness to eight lazy in­di­vid­u­als who couldn’t be both­ered to use the es­ca­la­tor to get to the ground floor; they’d rather pile in

the lift… (you know the types). That’s fine, but in the process of fight­ing to get in the lift first, the eight able­bod­ied in­di­vid­u­als cut off a mother with a pram from get­ting in, cram­ming them­selves in tightly so she couldn’t even use the lift. The one per­son that this de­vice is ac­tu­ally for was un­able to use it be­cause eight lazy adults couldn’t be both­ered to walk to the es­ca­la­tor. And it’s an es­ca­la­tor! Not even the stairs! Lift eti­quette is a hot topic in our ver­ti­cal city, and some­thing that seems all too rare. I have to name-shame too – even some of my col­leagues use the lift to avoid the sin­gle flight of stairs into 7DAYS HQ (I do like to shout at them to use the stairs as of­ten as pos­si­ble). If you can walk it, do it. There’s an obe­sity epi­demic in this coun­try, so a bit of in­ci­den­tal ex­er­cise can’t hurt. Added to that, peo­ple try­ing to get in the lift be­fore oth­ers can get out, clos­ing the lift doors be­fore some­one ap­proach­ing can get in and not mov­ing to al­low peo­ple to get in the lift; the gen­eral con­sen­sus: we are lazy and rude. We’re all just try­ing to get where we need to go, but can we keep the douchebag­gery to a min­i­mum please?

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