For­get the big­gest and best, what about aban­doned pets?

7 Days in Dubai - - NATIONAL DAY -

Can just some­one se­ri­ously take care of cats in Dubai and UAE. This is just a big shame that Dubai is talk­ing about the big­gest mall in the world, the big­gest Burj Khal­ifa, the big­gest some­one paid mil­lions for car plate and in the mean­time the big­gest crime with re­gards to pets. What is mu­nic­i­pal­ity do­ing – softly killing cats? Hun­dreds of cats are dy­ing in the street. One day no-one will want to come to UAE. Aa­sia, UAE On Mon­day night, on my way home, an odd thing hap­pen. I was driv­ing along when the car in front stopped at a pedes­trian cross­ing to let some­one cross. I was shocked, it might have been the first time I’d seen this on the roads in Dubai in eight years. It got stranger. The same driver then let some­one out as they were try­ing to join from an­other road. You read that right, the driver ac­tu­ally gave way. Amaz­ing. As I sat be­hind them won­der­ing if I had fi­nally found that one good mo­torist in Dubai, my hopes were crushed. Up popped a child’s head from the rear seat, a kid of per­haps four or five. The child then be­gan to roam around

the back seat. It seemed re­mark­able that this driver cared enough to put the needs of other road users be­fore their own yet felt no need to en­sure the safety of that child, whether it was their own or not. As a kid, I never wore a seat­belt and my brother and I would muck about in the back, fight­ing over who would get to sit be­tween the two front seats and chat with my mum and dad. But that was the best part of 40 years ago, when we also thought it was OK for teach­ers to hit chil­dren with heated belt buck­les. As a so­ci­ety, we’ve learned a lot since then. For ex­am­ple a study pub­lished in the jour­nal Pae­di­atrics found car seat use re­duces the risk of death to in­fants (aged be­low one year) by 71 per cent and to tod­dlers (aged one to four years) by 54 per cent in pas­sen­ger ve­hi­cles. That is in­for­ma­tion my par­ents didn’t have. Now, I know there are faiths that be­lieve God de­cides when our time is up so buck­ling up or not buck­ling up makes no dif­fer­ence. How­ever, have they ever thought that he gave us the abil­ity to think for our­selves to make his de­ci­sion eas­ier?

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