In­dia needs to al­low the use old bank notes…

7 Days in Dubai - - NATIONAL DAY -

The cur­rent cash crunch in In­dia is caus­ing im­mense hard­ship to cit­i­zens across in­come lev­els. The pain is much more in the vil­lages where the bank­ing sys­tem is not strong. While the gov­ern­ment has done well to pro­vide some ex­cep­tions per­mit­ting the us­age of the old Rs500 bill for some ex­pen­di­tures, there is need for more re­lief. The scheme per­mit­ting cit­i­zens to ex­change Rs2,000 at banks and post of­fices should be con­tin­ued. Many cit­i­zens en­gaged in small com­mer­cial ac­tiv­i­ties like plumb­ing, wiring, shoe re­pair, fruits and veg­etable ven­dors, etc., need money for daily house­hold ex­penses. Most of them do not have bank ac­counts. Even if they wish to open a bank ac­count, it will take 10 days to 15 days. What will such cit­i­zens do for a fort­night, if they can­not change their money? The new Rs.500 bill should be rushed to all banks for dis­burse­ment. Even after three weeks, the new Rs500 bill is not yet avail­able in Mum­bai. Use of the old cur­rency should be per­mit­ted in restau­rants, so that cit­i­zens do not have dif­fi­culty in eat­ing a meal. Old bills should also be per­mit­ted for use in pri­vate hos­pi­tals, book shops, school and col­lege cafe­te­rias to re­duce suf­fer­ing. Ra­jen­dra K Aneja Dubai of it, which is very nar­row, or walk in the dirt where I sup­pose there were some plants at one time. I don’t know how on earth some­one in a wheel­chair or some­one push­ing a child in a pram is meant to pass by. When is Dubai Mu­nic­i­pal­ity go­ing to con­sider pedes­tri­ans? Cy­clists and jog­gers are al­ready be­ing taken care of in the area! Also Box Park could ben­e­fit from an over­pass as it might en­cour­age more peo­ple to use it if cross­ing the road. Fraz­zled pedes­trian Dubai de­ci­sion to change the yacht club as it is a classy, pe­tite and a very stylish icon. Conny Dubai Ma­rina

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