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With Slo­vakia be­ing home to the Carpathian Moun­tains and a host of ski re­sorts, it’s easy to think of it as a win­ter des­ti­na­tion. But, with its mild spring and sum­mer, it’s a year-round tourist haven. Snow melts as the tem­per­a­tures rise, turn­ing the stun­ning moun­tain peaks into a riot of colour, and buzzing slopes make way for hik­ing trails, lake­side strolls and even cav­ing in the vast net­work hidden be­neath the heights. Pos­si­bly the most beau­ti­ful area to visit is the Sloven­sky Raj Na­tional Park, home to dra­matic plateaus, thun­der­ing wa­ter­falls and pic­turesque rivers. It’s not for the faint-hearted, though; hik­ing here in­volves near-ver­ti­cal lad­ders, rope bridges over pre­car­i­ous drops and plenty of hold­ing your

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