Say hello to Pe­fale the dol­phin and Abel Guerra from Dol­phin Bay

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Have you ever met a dol­phin? Well now you can at Dol­phin Bay. Just when you thought your ‘amaz­ing’ va­ca­tion is com­plete, en­joy­ing the sunny beach at Aqua­ven­ture or sip­ping re­fresh­ing drinks by the pool­side at The Edge, there is more to dis­cover.

Our Dol­phin Bay in At­lantis is one of the most so­phis­ti­cated dol­phin habi­tats in the world and we couldn’t re­sist the op­por­tu­nity to meet, one of the marine mam­mal ex­perts who takes care of our beau­ti­ful dol­phins and to in­ter­act with Pe­fale the dol­phin.

Tell the read­ers in summary why you got in­volved in marine mam­mal care?

Well to make it short, my uncle used to take me on fishing trips with my older brother. He also took me surf­ing at a lo­cal beach and I had the op­por­tu­nity to in­ter­act with dol­phins from a very young age. The sea has al­ways been a part of my life and I pur­sued the op­por­tu­nity to work by a nearby dol­phin fa­cil­ity to look af­ter these ma­jes­tic an­i­mals and my jour­ney be­gan.

What are the best mo­ments you have ex­pe­ri­enced at At­lantis as a marine mam­mal specialist?

To be hon­est, it’s very hard to sin­gle out a few mo­ments be­cause I work with dol­phins ev­ery day! How­ever, I will share one pre­cious mo­ment when I first started my ca­reer at Dol­phin bay and ex­pe­ri­enced my first dol­phin birth. Aladdin is his name and has be­come one of my best friends, he is by far one of the bright­est dol­phins I’ve ever worked with and to date it’s my best mo­ment yet.

Work­ing with dol­phins must be fun, can you share with read­ers what they can ex­pect when they in­ter­act with dol­phins for the first time?

Well be­fore the fun starts, we take pride in shar­ing our pas­sion and knowledge about these an­i­mals with our guests so they need to be ready to re­ceive a lot of in­for­ma­tion about them. Of course there is the fun part, which is the en­counter for the first time and no mat­ter how old you are this magical ex­pe­ri­ence will melt your heart.

Can you share with the read­ers what makes Pe­fale dif­fer­ent from the other dol­phins?

My team and I love Pe­fale, she has amaz­ing in­ter­ac­tive skills but most of all her eyes! They are so big and ex­pres­sive you could eas­ily get lost in them, ev­ery­one loves Pe­fale and when you visit Dol­phin Bay you will un­der­stand why.

We take pride in shar­ing our pas­sion and knowledge about these an­i­mals with our guests.

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