Inside the World of the In­com­pre­hend­ables

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For any sea­soned business trav­eller, ho­tel rooms can be gen­uinely in­spir­ing: new-fan­gled creature com­forts you wish were your own, de­sign themes that feel just right and even that sen­sa­tion that feng shui is not just some­thing con­cocted by tree-hug­ging weirdos. But it is the bath­rooms that pro­vide true en­ter­tain­ment. I have a nig­gling sus­pi­cion that mod­ern bath­room de­sign­ers are in fact frus­trated cryp­tic crossword puz­zle set­ters or just plain crim­i­nal minds who ei­ther want to prove that you are an idiot or give you pneu­mo­nia. All you want is a nice hot shower and what you get is a boil­ing flash-flood com­ing out of the wrong shower head that turns into an Alaskan wa­ter­fall the mo­ment you try to ad­just that thing which looks vaguely like a tap. This, in fact, is the re­sult of cre­ativ­ity done by peo­ple I call the In­com­pre­hend­ables.

In­com­pre­hend­ables think that clar­ity is for lazy, un­der­e­d­u­cated minds and that a maze is good di­rec­tions

In­com­pre­hend­ables are those guys who think that clar­ity is for lazy, un­der­e­d­u­cated minds and that a maze is good di­rec­tions. In ad­ver­tis­ing, they are the cre­atives who be­lieve that award-win­ning work is con­vo­luted, in­de­ci­pher­able stuff and that juries are made of CSI per­son­nel. And they are not alone: there are le­gions of strate­gic plan­ners out there who treat the ob­vi­ous as if it were a new strain of Ebola and who turn the sim­plest of tasks into a labyrinthine pur­suit of the na­tional zeit­geist and pseudo-Freudian in­sights. The fact is, the mo­ment you join the In­com­pre­hend­ables think­ing it is the in­tel­li­gentsia is the mo­ment you ac­tu­ally be­come dumb your­self.

There is no doubt that the ob­vi­ous is treach­er­ous ter­ri­tory. Un­like our trav­eller who doesn’t want to have to work out which bath­room tile ac­tu­ally turns the wa­ter on, con­sumers do en­joy a rel­a­tively chal­leng­ing ad that treats them like in­tel­li­gent peo­ple. How­ever, this doesn’t mean that they look for ad­ver­tis­ing to pro­vide them with their daily dose of sudoku. Clar­ity is at the heart of good com­mu­ni­ca­tions and, when it is de­liv­ered in a thought-pro­vok­ing man­ner, the re­sult is sat­is­fy­ing, mem­o­rable and a damn sight more likely to in­vig­o­rate a brand than a po­ten­tially cold shower.

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