Campaign Middle East : 2020-06-28

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June 28, 2020 27 Schatzi Gheita, PepsiCo Senior Marketing Manager Content, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia “At PepsiCo, we’ve allowed the current situation to further strengthen our agility muscle. We were courageous and agile to change our pre-planned Ramadan campaign to lead with a consumer-centric, mobile-first Ramadan platform, Pepsi Virtual Suhour. We listened to consumers and understood they would not be able to gather for their usual Ramadan suhours, so we worked with the region’s top content creators to bring them that sense of gathering and fun virtually.” Rami Elkerdani, Creative Strategist MEA, Facebook “In times of crisis, those who adapt and pivot are the ones that change the game. When it comes from a brand like PepsiCo, you can only assume that this is the start of a whole new chapter in mobile advertisin­g.” Austyn Allison, Editor, Campaign MiddleEast “The thing that leaps out from this campaign for me is the way Pepsi managed to balance old, new and current in the form of Ramadan traditions, adapted through the possibilit­ies for digital connection­s using Instagram Live, to cope with the reality of living through lockdown. This was a Ramadan unlike any other, and Pepsi didn’t just adapt to it; they owned it.” THE CREATORS CREATIVE CREDITS THE GUEST THE GUEST THE GUEST THE HOST Agency: Impact BBDO Beirut Account Director: Ramzi Helou Creative Director: Angelo El Chami Pepsi song producer: Anghami Originals Darin Al Bayed Hisham Baeshen Rayan Al Ahmari Tarek Al Harbi (@darin00013; 4.4 million followers) (@misho_baeshen; 2.6 million followers) (@r.mjrm; 5.5 million followers) (@6ar8o; 8.6 million Instagram followers)

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