Campaign Middle East : 2020-06-28

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34 June 28, 2020 The Spin in itself has sparked a debate about corporate integrity and activism. US business title had a take on the trend of changing social media logos to show solidarity with the cause. It’s just a shame their unaltered logo was already ahead of the curve. As small businesses struggle from the effects of Covid-19, help can come from all sorts of places. The Spin recently received an email from a US company called Stripchat (we don’t know how they got our email, we swear) that describes itself as “a leading free online adult entertainm­ent and live camming platform”. It is offering compliment­ary marketing to businesses affected by Covid-19 through “free advertisin­g on its site via branded t-shirts worn by popular cam models”. Or, presumably, not worn by the end of the show. Fast Company A UAE paper recently reported Dubai officials saying we should be “untied” in fighting the problem of drugs. The Spin suspects that might have been a typo. Usually the authoritie­s are so strait-laced. For the Grammar Police out there, here’s an example of why you should check your subjects and verbs match up. The Spin suspects it wasn’t the police rampaging and looting along the Königstraß­e. Although you never know. The corporate world has been addressing the Black Lives Matter movement in many ways, with varying degrees of sincerity, and this CAMPAIGN DIARY Marketing Mania Loeries Creative Week November 11-12 Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai August 31 to September 5 Johannesbu­rg, South Africa There is a new kid on the block that promises to rock your world. Marketing Mania, a creative and digital festival, is coming to Dubai this November. It promises more than 10,000 marketing, design, advertisin­g, social and creative profession­als under one roof , with competitio­ns, activation­s, demo zones, performanc­es, live art and training as well as high-profile speakers. For more than 40 years, the Loeries has been recognisin­g, rewarding, inspiring and fostering creativity across Africa and the Middle East. It’s more than an award. It’s about doing something. Something big. Something you believe in. Something that makes a real difference. Challengin­g the world. Changing it – from bitter to better, less trending and more mending. Flipping the likes and fixing the dislikes. It’s about making work that doesn’t count views, it changes them. For more details: marketingm­ More details at

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