Commercial Interior Design : 2020-07-01

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Opinion and greenery. It is predicted that in the future, there will be a connection between private developers, government, and designers so that every citizen can have access to airy homes that are surrounded by greenery. longer be our destiny. We need to look at the digital infrastruc­ture that can become our salvation. Many countries will fund the revival of production to their own shores. In the future, outsourcin­g will become more diverse and less excessive, meaning organisati­ons will take better care of workers as well as the environmen­t. something environmen­tally friendly is a victory in itself. The design cycle was pretty much as frenetic as the fashion cycle before coronaviru­s. Designers were introducin­g new collection­s under pressure, without considerin­g if their collection was relevant to the situation or not. But now many prominent designers are considerin­g what they should bring in the market at this time and that is something we should be optimistic about. Let's hope that communitie­s will start appreciati­ng the real value of creativity. This pandemic has given you the time to reflect upon your lifestyle and how you do things. Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, rightly said, "When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." This quote is relevant in this chaotic environmen­t. Whether its finance, design, or other businesses, it's time to find ways to do better than before. If you know better, you do better. How will the pandemic reshape the business of design? Spring has always been an optimal time for the global design industry with open houses, exhibition­s, fairs, and many other activities. However, most of those are now cancelled because coronaviru­s has turned the marketing-sales cycle upside down. Companies who earlier failed to recognise the importance of digital space are now chasing solutions. Many companies and design brands are on the path of digitalisa­tion. Fashion has the amazing opportunit­y to put an end to the insane business practices, such as introducin­g cashmere in May and delivering swimwear in November. Disasters are known as powerful ignition tools for radical ways of transformi­ng these business practices. In the post-COVID-19 world we will witness the rebirth of small-scale, homebased production. In the future, product design will gain crucial momentum, and give shape to autonomous design on smaller scales, handcrafte­d in ateliers, hence keeping a privileged connection with clients and collectors alike. While the pandemic has affected industries, on the whole, supply chains and production cycles are at a screeching halt as most production units are operating in countries that have become the epicenter of the deadly virus. For instance, China and Italy have a huge industry of furniture, and many countries depend on them for constructi­on trades. Therefore, this crisis is also an opportunit­y for other companies to step in and step up. Moreover, in the future, we might be seeing local manufactur­ing at a larger scale. The experts are emphasisin­g the use of digital space for building commerce, nurturing relationsh­ips, and or operating behind the scenes. No matter what your industry is, it's essential to communicat­e with your team to do work smoothly and to make your clients feel confident. Now is the time to do that! The world will not be the same as before; density will no The future: innovation, creativity, and sustainabi­lity We have to talk about how every organisati­on should consider how they want to emerge from the pandemic. All over the world, profession­als are mobilising their resources and expertise to cope with these challengin­g times. But they are also thinking wisely and looking at the future. It's important that they plan and reflect on what the world actually needs and what they are offering to the world. Even at the end of this pandemic, the climate crisis will still pose a threat to the global environmen­t, so it still calls for action and a response. However, the baby steps we are taking to transform our lifestyle into Disasters are known as powerful ignition tools... Open spaces and greenery in Singapore 13 commercial­interiorde­ July 2020

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