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In The Studio

In the studio IN THE STUDIO WITH... Jacob George, founder of Wood Culture Studios, Al Quoz. Describe your studio... Our workshop is based in Jebel Ali and new showroom is in Al Quoz. We used old containers to create the mezzanine level in the showroom and kept it pretty basic so that the actual products would stand out. Are you still in the studio or WFH? We have been operationa­l right through the lockdown as orders never stopped coming in. When it was absolutely necessary and we had to stay home, it was about co-ordinating production timelines and managing customer enquiries. How does your day typically start? Mornings usually consist of being at the workshop to check up progress on ongoing projects. We also like to do some research on possible new products for the showroom. Second half is usually spent at the showroom and being on the road visiting possible clients. What are you working on right now? We are currently working on extending our showroom space, which should help us in adding a lot more products. Adding to this, we are working on creating a photograph­y studio space to our new extension to cater to our inhouse needs for product photoshoot­s. Having launched our website a little over a month also, we add new products on there almost daily now. Jacob at work encountere­d many tribal artisans along the way whom I've collaborat­ed with on future products, Many of the items we import do not involve a middle man but directly tie up with families who do the weaving or milling right in their backyard. the coming months. We are probably one of the few companies that offer retail as well as customisat­ion options done locally in Dubai, so maintainin­g both running parallel is a pretty hard task, but one which we are slowing mastering. What are the high points and challenges of the day? Ever since moving into retail space (both brick and mortar and online), managing customer dynamic expectatio­ns is probably one of the greatest challenges. We are the new kid on the block, so plenty of teething issues, but something we will tide over in Where do you seek inspiratio­n? What’s on your desk? And what are you listening to? Travel, travel and travel! I love getting off the beaten track (literally), so always take inspiratio­n from landscapes and I've even On my desk right now – masks and sanitiser.I'm listening to acoustic hip-hop 14 commercial­interiorde­ July 2020

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