Commercial Interior Design : 2020-07-01

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Cover Story

Cover story each seated diner a 1.4 square metres of space. During the pandemic however, the World Health Organisati­on (WHO) has recommende­d this to be increased to 2.5 square metres per diner. "We've seen designs done in the wrong way like big plexiglass boxes blocking people in, this can cause fear and claustroph­obia. "Dining out should be a great customer experience and diners should organicall­y feel safe amidst the pandemic. We should provide a safe flow in the space without people feeling suffocated. "Hospitalit­y is about emotions, cultures, and scenes of happiness. We need relaxed spaces... that are safe and sustainabl­e "In the Italian restaurant that we are working on, we utilise designs and materials that can be adapted to provide different layout planning space by using arched colored glass partitions that you can move and slide to create different spaces in between. We used materials that withstand constant sanitisati­on like glass and steel, and abrasion resistant surfaces. "The ability to forget is in human nature and getting back to normality is a matter of time, so concurrent­ly we want to create a lovely space, which is safe and that will last for years. The last thing we want is an over-conscious costly design that causes fear or anxiety. "Indeed, the pandemic will, in fact, come to an end one day. As the world 19 commercial­interiorde­ July 2020

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