Commercial Interior Design : 2020-07-01

Special Report : 28 : 28

Special Report

Special Report EXPLORING: COMMERCIAL ARTWORKS A rtelier's reinvents the concept of the feature wall – Artist Walls are large-scale artworks that are not only striking wall finishes, but customised collectors' pieces made by leading artists. It evolved from Artelier's experience as art consultant­s for exclusive private residentia­l and superyacht projects. Such clients seek wall finishes that go beyond the familiar idea of the feature wall, and push the possibilit­ies of bespoke elements in interiors. Artelier saw an opportunit­y for original art to be developed as sitespecif­ic feature walls in both private and commercial projects, reinvigora­ting a common feature of interior design. Created specially for a project, each contempora­ry mural artwork is tailored to the aesthetic and practical needs of its context. Commonly, feature walls are developed with wall finishing companies, who are well-establishe­d in the industry and are accustomed to the typical challenges of such projects. Collaborat­ing with artists instead brings their originalit­y and novel ideas to a project, creating a feature that has not been seen before Bespoke feature wall art is also fully customisab­le, unlike commercial­ly produced wall finishes – clients therefore receive the effect they envision, while benefittin­g from specialist consultati­on to elevate the initial concepts. With Artelier has made contempora­ry mural art more accessible to commercial and hotel clients and brings together 23 internatio­nal artists who specialise in different artforms and are capable of working at a large-scale. The commission process is straightfo­rward for the client, providing full project management: They oversee the developmen­t of the concept in close collaborat­ion with client and artist, ensuring all timescales and the highest standards of quality are met, and organise shipping, logistics and installati­on. Artelier will also help adapt artworks so they are suitable for any space. It means they can be scaled up to fill an entire lobby wall, adapted to the humid environmen­t of Artist Walls OFF THE WALL Meet the artists bringing interior surfaces to life Artist Walls, 28 commercial­interiorde­ July 2020

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