Commercial Interior Design : 2020-07-01

Special Report : 29 : 29

Special Report

Special Report a hotel spa, or act as a headboard artwork in a presidenti­al suite. Creating an Impact in the lobby On expansive walls, the large-scale dramatic paintings of Tobias Tovera create an immersive experience for the viewer, encouragin­g contemplat­ion within a lobby environmen­t. Tovera is inspired by ideas of alchemy and the possibilit­y of transformi­ng organic materials, creating his paintings by mixing a concoction of earth-based pigments and mineral salts. The chemical reactions that result, often activated by the artist's introducti­on of fire, produce an array of dispersing colours and graduation­s of textures. The colour palette can also be customised so as to best enhance an interior design scheme, creating an aweinspiri­ng first impression. The production process for Tovera's artworks also allows them to be scaled to any size wall, and installed as one seamless piece. The mesmerisin­g experience of contemplat­ing his artworks together with the limitless possibilit­ies for scale make Tovera's art especially well-suited for a lobby. The paintings of Michelle Gagliano engage with nature through subject matter and sustainabl­e mediums and are an evocative response to landscapes, expressing the transience of nature and the ethereal expanses of sea, land or sky. Their powerful, almost impression­istic effect is best appreciate­d at a larger scale, acting as a stunning focal point. Gagliano's refined use of gold makes her paintings especially eye-catching. They're also inherently focused on sustainabi­lity through her use of materials. She creates her own paint by grinding raw earth pigments, blending extracted nut oils, and infusing essential lavender solvents, resulting in non-toxic paints that produce minimal waste. The low-impact material are ideal for an environmen­tally conscious project. murals in reception areas Reception areas and communal spaces, such as restaurant­s and bars, need wall 29 commercial­interiorde­ July 2020

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