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Special Report

Special Report EXPLORING: COMMERCIAL ARTWORKS artworks that are resistant to wear and tear, and maintain a luxury finish for an extended period of time. Artelier works with plaster artists who use innovative techniques to create modern murals that are refined and elegant, as well as being robust. The use of cutting-edge, patented plaster methods allow the studio to create hand-sculpted artworks that are crack resistant and durable. Crafted within the studio thay are rolled up and shipped worldwide and are uniquely made for each space, so fit corner-to-corner. It means they're suitable for a range of contexts any wall shape can be accommodat­ed, and, despite being a site-specific artwork, installati­on is as swift as applying wallpaper. The plaster also allows artworks to be washed. recreated this ethereal experience through subtle gradations in deep blue hues, bringing the stillness of the deep ocean to the spa. To further integrate the artwork into the surroundin­gs, Artelier developed technical solutions to adapt the painting so that water could stream through it, and coated the painting in a water-resistant lacquer. The streaming waterfall also causes the painting behind to shimmer, incorporat­ing the spa's water into the artwork and creating a sense of constant movement. Sculptor Simon Allen, who creates carved panels that are finished with gold leaf, is also inspired by the movements of water – the undulation­s, peaks and troughs of his carvings are a reflection of how Allen sees dramatic ocean scenery For a spa project, Artelier and Allen developed an abstract interpreta­tion of rippled water that was in keeping with the modern design of the spa, yet created a statement in an otherwise minimalist space. A sense of movement in the sculpture is enhanced by the gilded finish, which causes the artwork to glisten; this effect is amplified by specialist integrated lighting around the artwork. By placing the feature wall art directly above the pool, the sculpture is reflected in the water itself, creating an impactful 'double' artwork. to the natural elements, as earth itself is transforme­d to create wall art. This gives his work a deep connection with a return to nature, and brings a sense of earthiness to the spa surroundin­gs. Hayes is able to produce a series of monumental ceramic panels that join together to make a continuous artwork, and so can be adapted to the necessary wall dimensions. The paintings of Adam Arbeid are captivatin­g and meditative; the artist uses crushed marbles, mineral ores and pigments to create otherworld­ly impression­s that explore macro and micro images. Emerging from Arbeid's frescoes are resemblanc­es of atolls in the ocean and craters in the Earth's crust, as well as distant cosmos and cellular structures. Artelier has worked with Arbeid to create feature walls for spas, adapting the subject matter so that it speaks to the water of the spa, as well as integratin­g the artwork into its surroundin­gs. Giving a hammam-style hotel spa space a contempora­ry edge, Artelier and Adam Arbeid developed the concept for a feature wall above a plunge pool – the compositio­n references the water below and the rising hot air, merging the surroundin­g natural elements. The artist was inspired by the ocean depths and how light is refracted underwater, and so – An air of calm for spas Art has the potential to create a sense of tranquilli­ty and contemplat­ion within spas, and transport visitors far away from everyday life. The wet and humid conditions of a spa, however, require art to be specially adapted. Ceramic art is also especially suitable for feature walls in a spa, as it is resistant to exposure to water, and has an inherent affinity with nature through the use of clay. The ceramic art of Peter Hayes speaks to his journey as an artist, which has been shaped by the ceramic practices of diverse cultures. In keeping with the Japanese Raku ceramics tradition, Hayes works with natural clay and the flames of the kiln to create contempora­ry pieces that have been inspired by ancient craftsmans­hip. His art presents an intuitive response 30 commercial­interiorde­ July 2020

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