Commercial Interior Design : 2020-07-01

Special Report : 31 : 31

Special Report

Special Report imagery especially appropriat­e for relaxing private spaces. The subtle qualities and lustre of gold leaf is the artist's chosen medium to reveal her subject in its full luminescen­ce. Lambers has a deep understand­ing and reverence for the gilding craft, refining ancient techniques of gilding with gold, silver and platinum leaf. She works intuitivel­y with this refined palette of subtle hues and shades to skilfully form an image from individual fragments of differentl­y coloured gold leaf, revealing her true mastery of the medium. Artelier has collaborat­ed with Lambers to make her art especially suitable for wall features in interior spaces. Together, they have adapted the materials and methods in order to ensure the artwork's longevity, and developed compositio­ns that make use of the expansive scale of feature walls. Due to the custom sculpture's proximity to the water, specialist protective lacquer was developed for coating the artwork, ensuring its resistance to splashing. create remarkable private spaces, which the most sophistica­ted hotel guest has come to expect. Atist Janine Lambers works with handapplie­d gold leaf and watercolou­r to create dazzling feature walls. Nature in its infinite beauty and ever-changing cycles are a constant inspiratio­n for Lambers; the enduring calmness of nature makes its Luxury for presidenti­al suites Artelier's experience in the luxury residentia­l sector has given them particular insight into what it takes to A creative & collaborat­ive journey In the creation of an Artist Wall, Artelier engages with the unique context of each project to develop an artwork that resonates with the client's vision, whilst evolving a deep connection to its surroundin­gs. It's a collaborat­ive journey, one that is instinctiv­e and imaginativ­e as the artist explores subtly layered narratives that reveal themselves through the artwork. Each new project brings its own set of challenges and opportunit­ies. Integral to the ethos of Artist Walls is a pioneering spirit to break new ground, nurturing the client's vision and ambitions in the creation of an artwork that can be considered a true masterpiec­e. 31 commercial­interiorde­ July 2020

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