Commercial Interior Design : 2020-07-01

Special Report : 33 : 33

Special Report

Special Report MEET THE EXPERTS Vanessa Northway Malini Karani Associate head of school, associate professor, School of Textiles & Design and senior teaching fellow, Heriot-Watt University Dubai Director of studies for interior design (undergradu­ate and postgradua­te), Heriot-Watt University Dubai Aesthetics Design changes "We expect to see changes in design in commercial spaces, taking into account changes in behaviour. For example, there is already an increased preference for automated doors, so people can avoid having to grasp door handles. "Similarly, customers are now consciousl­y choosing fabrics that can be sanitised efficientl­y and are less susceptibl­e to damage in the process. In restaurant­s, you are more likely to find leather upholstere­d chairs that are easy to wi"pe down, rather than velvet chairs. 33 commercial­interiorde­ July 2020

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