Commercial Interior Design : 2020-07-01

Objects Of Desire : 42 : 42

Objects Of Desire

Objects of desire 1 5 4 DOUGLAS DRUMMOND Recently appointed projects director at boutique interiors agency TwentyOne0­6, Douglas heads up workplace design. Here are five of his design favourites from a career spanning more than 15 years working for the likes of Microsoft and Gazprom. 2 1 Arrangemen­ts Lighting Collection by Michael Anastassia­des 3 2 Liquid Aluminium Table by Mathieu Lehanneur There are several pieces I could have picked from the French designer's portfolio, as there are many things to like in his diverse and creative product range. This is one of my favourites though, it's like a piece of water movement has been frozen in time. It would also look great in my living room. 5 Alltubes Furniture Series by Muller Van Severen 4 Thread X Trestle Table by Coordinati­on Design 3 Jin by Jin Kuramoto I'd probably pick this chair on While adjustable trestle tables are 42 commercial­interiorde­ July 2020

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