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The con­struc­tion ma­te­ri­als are min­eral and ba­sic, lo­cally pro­vided and crafted: con­crete for the foun­da­tions, base­ment, and main struc­tural el­e­ments; vol­canic rock and ce­ment block for the walls; a mix of white ce­ment and lime for plas­ter­ing the white-coloured walls.

In­te­rior walls and ceil­ings are fin­ished with white ce­ment and lime plas­ter; ex­posed pol­ished con­crete for the floors; pine wood and ply-wood for the car­pen­try fin­ished with oil and wax; steel doors with tem­pered glass for ro­ta­tory doors.

The fur­ni­ture ma­te­rial se­lec­tion is based on nat­u­ral woods and light colour fab­rics, steel, and polypropy­lene. There is a great em­pha­sis on us­ing tra­di­tional trop­i­cal Mex­i­can fur­ni­ture such as ham­mocks, ham­mock rock­ing-chairs and wooden chairs.

The rea­son for this sim­ple and log­i­cal se­lec­tion of ma­te­ri­als through­out the project is for eco­nomic and con­tex­tual rea­sons, as for the client´s pe­ti­tion to have a house in a sub­trop­i­cal rain­for­est, which is eas­ily main­tained.

The ma­te­ri­als will age nat­u­rally and blend with the con­text!

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