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Known for its leath­ery feath­ers, this plant gives off a sub­stan­tial pres­ence. Care: Don’t over wa­ter this plant (al­low the soil’s sur­face to dry out in be­tween wa­ter­ing), and keep in medium to bright light. Also known as the ZZ plant, it is a long-last­ing, su­per-re­silient house­plant. How­ever, this plant may be poi­sonous if you have chil­dren or pets that might chew on the leaves. Care: Han­dles low to bright light. It has the abil­ity to make a big state­ment with its large shiny leaves. How­ever, if dam­aged this plant leaks a milky white sap. It’s ver­sa­til­ity with trim­ming gives you the op­tion to have it as a shrub or a tree.

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