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Wax­ing rash Af­ter go­ing through the toe-curl­ing pain of hair re­moval, chances are your ag­gra­vated skin will be left raw, patched and bumpy. While this usu­ally dies down, if not treated cor­rectly, wax­ing rashes can leave lin­ger­ing marks, es­pe­cially on sen­si­tive skins.

A gel spe­cially for­mu­lated for sen­si­tive ar­eas; helps de­lay re­growth and works sig­nif­i­cantly on all pa­ram­e­ters (den­sity, length) of hair af­ter wax­ing and de­pila­tion. Del­i­cate ar­eas are soothed and stay smooth for a longer pe­riod of time.

Cool­ing gels are your best bet to sooth­ing post-waxed pores. Thalgo’s gen­tle anti-re­growth for­mula does a great job at min­imis­ing red­ness and treat­ing in-gown hairs. Biode­pyl Anti-Re­growth So­lu­tion Sen­si­tive Ar­eas

Dhs64 Thalgo at ac­tive­

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