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Just two days af­ter 17 peo­ple lost their lives dur­ing the horri atta in aris re ently war was de lared on the sla i tate the ter­ror group that on­trols large swathes of ra and yria

But it wasn’t the gov­ern ents of ran e the or the that ade the all to arms and no troops were de­ployed to the front lines of yria ra or fghanistan as a re­sult his at­tle would e ar­ried out us­ing om­put­ers

he peo­ple ehind the de la­ra­tion were nony­mous a group of ha ers with a mem er­ship that sprawls all over the world t’s an or­gan­i­sa­tion shrouded with se re y that has made a name for it­self over the past few years y ar­ry­ing out y er atta s on gov­ern­ment odies or­po­ra­tions and even ele ri­ties and is fa­mous for leav­ing reepy mes­sages on ou u e with mem ers wear­ing uy aw es mas s sim­i­lar to the one worn y ugo eav­ing in the dystopian s i i V

For Vendetta e will tra you ev­ery­where on the planet nowhere will you e safe said the mas ed nony­mous mem er on a video lipped re­leased on ou u e af­ter the atta e are nony­mous e are le­gion e do not for­get e do not for­give Be afraid of us slami tate and l aeda you will get our vengean e

he ori­gins of nony­mous are shrouded in myth and ru­mour ut what is nown is that it started out in 2003 on a we site alled han a mes­sage oard where users would post memes with ust one rule to fol­low to e as on­tro­ver­sial and sho ing as possi le han i ar­rely was one of the rst pla es you would have seen ats and i olls where peo­ple put up lin s to for e am­ple a new movie trailer peo­ple are des­per­ate to see ut when the lin is li ed you’re ta en to a i stley pop musi video in­stead sers on han ould post as nony­mous if they wanted s the years passed some han users out­grew the site and what was meant to e a we site for pran s saw splin­ter groups form­ing and politi al agen­das were orn n 200 nony­mous as we now it to­day prop­erly aught the pu li ’s eye af­ter ha ing the hur h f ientology we site af­ter the hur h tried to an a video of a tor om ruise prais­ing the reli­gion he tar­gets got igger and older in the fol­low­ing years ony Visa ay­pal the im a we alaysian and unisian gov­ern­ments and the pan­ish poli e for e have also een atta ed n 2012 two poli e of ers in lev­e­land shot 137 rounds of ammo into a ar illing the driver and pas­sen­ger few months later nony­mous re­leased per­sonal in­for­ma­tion on the ops in­volved in the shoot­ing nd ust three days af­ter de lar­ing war on the slami tate nony­mous laimed its rst vi tim an­noun ing it had rip­pled’ a Fren h ter­ror we site

hen it omes to the world of ha ing though nony­mous rep­re­sent only the tip of a very ig i e erg that is grow­ing not melt­ing ate last year ony was the lat­est name to e ta en down y shad­owy gures hid­ing ehind ey oards or ers at the om­pany’s head uar­ters in ulver ity al­i­for­nia ar­rived at wor one day to nd an im­age of a s ull on their s reens with a mes­sage from the ha ers his is ust the egin­ning it said e’ve o tained all your in­ter­nal data ne of the iggest om­pa­nies in the world was eing la mailed ver the fol­low­ing days salaries of ony e e utives were lea ed and email and tele­phone lines at the om­pany’s of es didn’t wor here was mu h spe ula­tion a out who was ehind the atta with orth orea eing named the num er one suspe t the the­ory eing it was a re­venge atta to protest over ony’s lat­est movie re­lease he nter­view a omedy star­ring eth ogen a out an as­sas­si­na­tion at­tempt on orth orea’s leader im ong un

But it’s not ust the or­po­rate world that is easy prey for ha ers ele ri­ties in lud­ing a tress en­nifer awren e have had their i loud a ounts ha ed and na ed images of them sold to ele rity we sites while a ha er group

“We will track you ev­ery­where on the planet, nowhere will

you be safe”

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