How Mus­lim su­per­heroes are an­swer­ing a call from the West

Emirates Man - - FEATURE THE 99 -

Did The 99 in­spire Marvel and DC to cre­ate their own Mus­lim su­per­heroes? In 2012, DC in­tro­duced Simon Baz, a Le­banese-Amer­i­can from Detroit who is cho­sen as the next Green Lan­tern. His ori­gin is­sue opens with him as a boy, watch­ing the events of 9/11 un­fold on the TV, which clearly has an im­pact on his up­bring­ing and how he is viewed by the world. He be­comes re­silient, de­vel­op­ing the ‘no fear’ qual­ity that makes him suit­able to wear a Green Lan­tern ring.

Then in 2013, Marvel in­tro­duced Ka­mala Khan, a Pak­istani-Amer­i­can teenager from New Jer­sey with shape-shift­ing abil­i­ties, who is the lat­est char­ac­ter to adopt the Ms Marvel name. It is worth not­ing that, for DC, the Green Lan­tern comics are among the its best-sell­ing, and with Ms Marvel there is a now Mus­lim bear­ing the pub­lisher’s name – in ei­ther case, it’s a bold state­ment about the im­por­tance of th­ese char­ac­ters and their place in comics.

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