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Pod­cast­sor­books? Books. I’m cur­rently read­ing the­o­ret­i­cal books at the mo­ment [ahead of her univer­sity start] and also In­vis­i­ble Man by Ralph El­li­son. It ex­plores the iden­tity of an African-Amer­i­can man in the 1950s who is name­less and so­cially in­vis­i­ble to oth­ers – it’s a very telling ac­count. Day­ornight­flight? Night flight. I am one of those peo­ple who can ac­tu­ally sleep on night flights. Plan­nerorhappy-go-lucky?Ido­ev­ery­thin­glast­min­ute­and­spon­ta­neously.ButI­knowI’ll­have­to­plana­head­to­get­my­dis­ser­ta­tion done for my de­gree! Sum­mer or win­ter? Win­ter for sure. I am not built for the sum­mer – the heat wave this year was hard work. My en­tire wardrobe is win­ter wear. Beach­hol­i­day­orci­ty­break?I love big cities like Paris and New York where there’s lots do it so I can get to know a coun­try as a whole as op­posed to sit­ting by the beach all day. Film­sorTVshows?TV shows def­i­nitely. My guilty plea­sures are Vik­ingsand QueenoftheSouth– I am a lap­top in bed kind of girl. In­sta­gram or Twit­ter? Both. Twit­ter can be very in­tel­lec­tu­ally stim­u­lat­ing with lots of dis­cus­sions go­ing on and In­sta­gram is a great creative plat­form for my ca­reer as a model. Night in­ornightout?It de­pends on what I’m do­ing dur­ing the day, but mostly a night-in! The ideal sce­nario would be a Net­flix and chill kind of vibe with friends. Home-cooked­mealorDe­liv­eroo?Uber Eats! But I ac­tu­ally started cook­ing a lot more re­cently be­cause I was spend­ing so much money eat­ing out. Fol­low: @shvhira

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